Independent External Audit is conducted in order to report to the users of financial statements, including shareholders as to, whether the statements give a true and fair view. The audit report provides credibility to the shareholders, investors, state, customers, financial markets and the public in general. The report is prepared after detailed audit work is performed in accordance with the audit programme by competent and experienced auditors.

•IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) audits,

•The audits in accordance with US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP),

•Preparing detection report for special purposes,

•Preparing appraisal reports of companies and trademarks.

We collect our audit services under 2 main topic as audit of financial statements service, legislation accord service and Information Systems Risk Management.

1) Audit of Financial Statements Service

Our financial statement audit services comprise of expressing opinions in accordance to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We work meticulously through audit process in order to ensure the opinions of independent auditor whether financial reports and operating results of any business is real or not. So that, we can follow some steps such as; Audit Planning, Control Assessment, Detailed Tests, Accomplishment and Reporting.

2) Legislation Accord Services

The accordance to current laws and declaration of he companies that operates in TRNC  examined and reported in detail. We provide services to our customers of preparing and implementing legislation accordance program in accordance with executives to provide assurance of our customers’ value and their external shareholders.

Our service includes;

•Legislation accord with sector,

•Institutional management and resolution level,

•Effectiveness and productivity of internal check activities,

•Accord of tax legislation.